Understanding Unspent Transaction Outputs

Understanding how the bitcoin network achieves consensus and security

Understanding what P2P networks are and the role they play in crypto

Understanding the mechanisms that help to make crypto networks secure

Understanding the similarities and differences between currency and money

Understanding two of the most common types of money

Crypto in Language an Eight-Year-Old Can Understand


  • The Crypto ELI8 series aims to describe crypto concepts and topics with language an eight-year-old can understand
  • The series was born out of my desire to refine and solidify my own understanding of important crypto concepts and topics
  • Each post opens with an imaginary scenario, which is then used…

Improve Programming Efficiency Using Open-Source Snippet Manager Lepton

  • I know I’ve written this code before but I can never remember the syntax
  • I’ve visited the same Stack Overflow page 10 times this week
  • What project did I use that code on? Where…

A Basic Guide to Targeting Your Job Search Using Boolean Filters


  • Intended audience: data scientists who are in the job market
  • Basic introduction to using boolean operators as a targeted strategy to finding data science jobs
  • Walkthrough of how to refine your job search terms on LinkedIn with a real-life example I’ve used

After reading this article you will:

  • Understand…

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